FAQs for Employers

Where is our job data supplied from?

Our job data is supplied from Adzuna.

Adzuna gather jobs from all over the internet (they estimate that they have 90-95% of job postings at any given time) and allow us to display them on our portal. By taking this approach we are able to present a comprehensive view of employment opportunities in our area.

What can an employer do to get their job listed on the portal?

For a job to be listed on the portal, it must have a postcode within the portal region and be listed on Adzuna. To make sure your job is listed on Adzuna you can either add it directly to the Adzuna platform or add it onto a platform that Adzuna pulls from.

To find out which platforms Adzuna pulls from, do a straightforward search for jobs and view the results. You will see jobs appear from the likes of Total Jobs, Reed, Monster, CV Library etc. Then you can decide which platform is best suited to your business.

What should an employer consider when advertising a job?

On the portal, only the first 500 characters of the description are shown. To read the full description the user can click 'read more' which will take them to the job listing either on Adzuna or their partner's platform. Ensure those first 500 characters give the potential applicant a good overview and encourage them to want to know more. The full job description is queried when a user searches for a job.

Citizens Advice have published some guidance Job Adverts - How they can be improved for Job Hunters and Recruiters which includes information on adhering to the Advertising Code.

I advertise jobs on a website that Adzuna does not pull from. What should I do?

If you post jobs on a website that Adzuna does not pull from, you can make a suggestion that they should pull jobs from that source by completing their Contact Form.

How do I advertise my apprenticeships on the portal?

There are several steps to taking on an apprenticeship. The fourth step below will result in your apprenticeship being added to the portal:

  1. 1.Choose an apprenticeship standard for an apprenticeship in your industry and at a suitable level.
  2. 2.Find an organisation that offers training for the apprenticeship framework or standard you have chosen.
  3. 3.Check what funding is available.
  4. 4.Advertise your apprenticeship - your training organisation will do this for you through the find an apprenticeship service. As long as the apprenticeship has a postcode based in the portal area, the portal will access the apprenticeship directly from the find an apprenticeship service.